The health company founded by Dr. Rath is unique in the world: all the profit it makes go to a non-profit foundation

Our Training Programme

You have a unique opportunity to learn about exceptional research discoveries in natural health, greatly improve your health, and find new perspectives in your life. The concept of Cellular Medicine opens up a new era in medicine and you have a chance to be a part of it.

Our aim is to provide you with easy access to Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries that were supported by the late double Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. Implementation of these significant findings can lead to the eradication of the most detrimental diseases and, as such, threatens the largest investment industry in the world – the pharmaceutical industry – and its billion pound “business with disease.”

Dr. Rath’s discoveries may also challenge your belief system that is built on the conventional perception of drug-based health and by following our training program, you will understand why.

Have you ever wondered:

Why heart disease is the number one killer of humans, but is unknown in the animal kingdom? Dr. Rath’s discovery of the “scurvy-heart disease connection” answers this important question. It also solves other “puzzles” of cardiology that cannot be explained by current medical concepts, such as why high blood cholesterol levels cannot be the real cause of coronary heart disease.

Why cancer hasn’t been cured by chemotherapy and radiation? Why, despite this, chemotherapy has been continuously used as a standard cancer treatment for more than 60 years? This is because chemotherapy and radiation damage all cells in the body – healthy and malignant cells – and promote metastasis (the spread of cancer in the body), the process that is responsible for the death of about 90% of cancer patients.

Why many alternative health practitioners still recommend mega doses of individual nutrients? This is because they are not aware that cellular nutrient synergy can have much greater effects than mega doses of individual nutrients.

Why in the last decades we have not eradicated ANY chronic disease? Is the pharmaceutical industry genuinely interested in making you healthy? This billion pound investment industry profits from the expansion of diseases and health illiteracy, NOT from the eradication of diseases and YOUR health.

So what’s your conclusion?

True health starts with knowledge and our training program can help YOU to achieve it – the acquired knowledge might even be life saving.