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ARV Facts

ARV Facts"ARV" is short for antiretroviral drugs. This class of highly toxic chemicals is promoted by the drug industry to patients with HIV-infections as "life saving." In this effort, the drug industry is using an army of lobbyists, including celebrities and even politicians, some of whom may not be aware of the scientific facts: none of these drugs has ever been shown to cure either HIV or AIDS and they are not allowed to be sold as a cure. Moreover, these toxic drugs are known to attack the immune system of patients and eventually destroy it. The ARV Facts website contains extracts from the "patient information leaflets" of these dangerous drugs, as published by the drug manufacturers themselves.

Chemo Facts

Chemo FactsCancer is a multi-billion dollar business. The drugs used in chemotherapy kill cancer cells – but they also kill healthy cells too. That fact alone is bad enough, but it doesn’t stop there. The drugs used in chemotherapy also have side-effects and many cause new cancers and new diseases, leading to the use of yet more drugs which in turn have new side effects. It’s a vicious circle and a license to print money for the pharmaceutical industry. The Chemo Facts website contains extracts from the "patient information leaflets" of these chemotherapy drugs, as published by the drug manufacturers themselves.

Cholesterol Facts

Cholesterol FactsCholesterol-lowering drugs are the single largest business segment of the global pharmaceutical drug business. The global sales of the leading drug category – statins – have surpassed 200 billion dollars per year. This entire business is built on fear – the fear that cholesterol actually causes heart attacks. While this “cholesterol-scare” has become a gold mine for the drug companies – the economic burden of this business is ultimately carried by us, the people. Health professionals, political decision takers and hundreds of millions of patients worldwide have the right to know: What are the proven facts – and what is the fiction promoted by the multi-billion dollar investment business with patented cholesterol-lowering drugs. All of this information, and more, can be found on the Cholesterol Facts website.


END AIDS!The END AIDS! book documents the historic battle that is currently being waged in Africa to liberate this continent from the shackles of pharmaceutical colonialism. Describing a litigation launched by anti-retroviral (ARV) drug-promoting organizations against the Government of South Africa, the Dr. Rath Foundation and others, the book reveals the strategies behind today’s pharmaceutical colonialism in Africa and shows how the AIDS epidemic is being used to create economic dependency and monopolise health care across the developing world.

Pharma Facts

Pharma FactsThe pharmaceutical industry portrays itself as an industry fighting to prevent and eliminate diseases but, behind the pretext of this noble cause, it is extorting billions of dollars in subsidies from dozens of governments and is demanding blind obedience from hundreds of millions of patients. As such, the Pharma Facts website describes how the pharmaceutical drug industry is not a health industry at all, but an investment business. While pretending to deliver health to the world, its entire existence is based on promoting diseases as multi-billion dollar markets for patented drugs.

Reject the EU!

Reject the EU!For citizens of the UK, the exposure of the Nazi roots of the Brussels EU is a particular provocation. Having twice previously – in WWI and WWII – played a critical role in saving Europe from takeover by the Oil and Drug Cartel and its political stakeholders, they are now faced with the possibility that the great human sacrifices of their countrymen were in vain. With their subjugation under the Lisbon Treaty and the Brussels EU, the lives of sixty million Britons living today, and countless more as yet unborn, would come under the yoke of the very same interests that have tried to conquer and seize control of the UK twice before. Citizens of the UK are therefore urged to help disseminate the information contained on the Reject the EU! website among their family, friends, work colleagues and in their communities, and, moreover, to confront their political representatives – at local, regional, national and European levels.

Road Map to Health

Road Map to HealthRoad Map to Health documents in a series of Open Letters by Dr. Rath – published in the New York Times and other international newspapers – how the pharmaceutical industry invested in the takeover of the White House by the Bush Administration. A historic document, the book was published to reflect our Foundation’s conviction that if the people of the world know the facts and join together, mankind will soon enter a new era where today's most common diseases are being largely eradicated and are no longer promoted as the basis for the pharmaceutical investment business.

Victory Over Cancer

Victory Over CancerSince the dawn of history, mankind has been haunted by a disease that has remained largely incurable – cancer. For almost a century, this disease has been the target of an investment business – the pharmaceutical industry – that has turned this epidemic into a multi-billion dollar business. This book marks the end of this tragedy and paves the way to turn cancer into a manageable disease. The natural health approaches presented in this book have been shown to block all key mechanisms that make cancer a deadly disease.

Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks

Why Animals Don't Get Heart AttacksThe largest “epidemic” on earth is caused by heart attacks, strokes and other forms of cardiovascular disease and has cost millions of lives. Today, however, we know that this “cardiovascular epidemic” is not a genuine disease but the result of long-term deficiencies of vitamins and other essential nutrients in millions of cells of our bodies – and, moreover, that it is preventable. Dr. Rath’s ‘Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks’ book is an account of this discovery, which will save millions of lives worldwide.

World Health Alphabetization

World Health AlphabetizationHealth is the most important human need and its protection is the most basic human right. Or, at least, so you might think. Unfortunately, however, so far as our current health care systems are concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. Over the past decades, health care systems around the world have been taken hostage by interests that have defined human diseases as multi-billion dollar markets for their patented drugs. These interests have a name: the pharmaceutical investment business with disease. The precondition for this fraudulent business model to function is the health illiteracy of millions of people, i.e. the lack of knowledge about basic functions of the human body and the most fundamental approaches to human health. The online World Health Alphabetization course was therefore developed to end health illiteracy for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and your community.