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Instructional video Cellular Medicine




Natural Health Victory Lecture
A New Era in Medicine Begins

Old Billingsgate, London
March 24, 2007


Ten Years That Changed Medicine Forever


Liberating Human Health

Speech by Dr. Rath, September 25, 1999
Theaterhotel Almelo

Video, duration: 45 min.


Freedom for Vitamins

Freedom for Vitamins

"Health for the 21st Century"
Berlin, June 17-19, 2000



Good health is possible


Good health is possible
An introduction to Dr. Rath's Health Network

"500 years ago millions of people liberated themselves of illiteracy: they learned to read and write, helped by the art of printing and the translation of the Bible into living languages. Today – 500 years later – millions of people are again liberating themselves, from a different kind of illiteracy: the liberation of human health has begun. In the course of the 21st century common diseases, such as heart attacks, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and many others will be virtually unkown. I am inviting you to join us!"

Video, duration: 17 min.