The health company founded by Dr. Rath is unique in the world: all the profit it makes go to a non-profit foundation


UK MEP claims Dr. Rath’s research is “dangerous” and attempts to portray “conventional medicine” as “safe”: Whose interests is she acting in?

A UK member of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance, Pat Jopling, recently wrote to her MEP, Fiona Hall, informing her about the work of Dr. Rath and asking her to support calls for natural health therapies to be provided on Britain's National Health Service (NHS).

In her written response, Fiona Hall groundlessly attacked the research of Dr. Rath – which she described as "worrying and indeed dangerous" – and attempted to portray "conventional medicine" as being "safe". However, in view of her apparent support for and from the so-called European Cancer Patient Coalition – a group that has received significant amounts of funding from multinational pharmaceutical companies – and her public statements in favour of antiretroviral drugs for the treatment of AIDS, we suspect that many UK Health Alliance members will share our concerns regarding her clear lack of objectivity in these matters.

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